25 October 2016

Special issue published: "Global Aviation Industry: Challenges and Opportunities"

International Journal of Aviation Management 3(2/3) 2016

Extended versions of papers presented at the 18th Air Transport Research Society World Conference (ATRS).
  • Aviation climate resilience: clarifying the impacts and identifying the barriers
  • Indebtedness and bankruptcy costs in the airline industry
  • Fifth freedom airline network expansion: the case of Emirates flying between Germany and the USA 
  • The effects of the airline strategic alliance group on member airlines' productivity during pre-mature stage
  • A Kano analysis on the adoption of self-service bag drops at Singapore Changi Airport
  • Allocating runway costs using a user-pay and average-cost approach: application to Taiwanese airports
  • A consideration on the impact of HSR on the aviation sector in view of the recent Japanese case
Additional paper
  • A strategy for alleviating aviation shortages through the recruitment of women

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