16 March 2012

Special issue: Public affairs and health informatics research

International Journal of Public Policy 8 (1-3) 2012
  • Why healthcare became so expensive in China? The transformation of healthcare financing during Chinese economic development
  • Nursing home research in Jinan, China: a focus group approach
  • Factors influencing Chinese long-term care
  • The challenges measuring the effectiveness of a statewide Medicaid long-term care managed care programme: the Florida experience
  • A decomposition of income-related inequality in EQ-5D: a South Korea study
  • Recommendations for the design of an integrated informatics policy in Costa Rica
  • Provider perceptions of electronic medical records and e-prescribing and their integration into safety net clinics
  • Organisational factors associated with adoption of comprehensive and basic electronic-record systems in US hospitals
  • Planning for pharmacy information systems among US hospitals
  • Mining medical claims data with exploratory to confirmatory statistical methods
  • Health consumer susceptibility to medical care fraud: an exploratory analysis
  • Comparison of technical efficiency of South Korean and Vietnamese public hospitals in 2006-2009
  • Failed alternative development programs: an implementation analysis of coca supply-reduction programs in Bolivia
  • Factors affecting job satisfaction among public servants: a South Korean case

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