30 March 2012

Special issue: Numerical analysis and scientific computing

International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology 43(2) 2-12
  • Investigating the shock-capturing properties of some composite numerical schemes for the 1-D linear advection equation
  • Solving the nonlinear complementarity problem via an aggregate homotopy method
  • Mesh density and mesh orientation dependence of FE model submitted to low-frequency vibration
  • The optimal design of sheet metal forming processes: application to the clinching of thin sheets
  • Inversion techniques and reciprocal formulae
  • Numerical simulation of Saint-Venant equations with turbulence using radial basis functions: application to Lake Bouregreg
  • On the expected penalty function for a risk model perturbed by diffusion
  • Automatic building extraction based on improved watershed segmentation, mutual information match and snake model
  • HPGRID: a new resource management architecture with its topological properties for massively parallel systems
  • Identification method of independent module for dynamic fault tree with interdependent basic events and repeated events
  • High performance power flow algorithm for symmetrical distribution networks with unbalanced loading

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