30 March 2012

Special issue: From disciplinarity to interdisciplinarity and beyond in higher education on climate change

International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development 6(1) 2012

Papers relating to the Lived experience of climate change: e-learning and virtual mobility (LECHe) European project.
  • An assessment of flaws and conflicts in climate change communication
  • Understanding political processes in climate change negotiations by means of an interdisciplinary curriculum in higher education
  • The essential role of expertise on natural resources in climate change Master's education
  • The lived experience of climate change: expanding the knowledge base through collaborative Master's curriculum in the European Union
  • Competences for climate change education in a virtual mobility setting
  • The challenge of widening citizen participation in climate change education: developing open educational resources on the lived experiences of climate change
  • Enhancing online climate change education: distance and conventional university collaboration for a Master's curriculum

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