30 March 2012

Special issue: Energy management and resources: Part two

International Journal of Energy Technology and Policy 8(1) 2012

Further papers from the InternationalConference on Thermal Energy and Environment (INCOTEE 2011) held Tamil Nadu, India, 24–26 March 2011.

See also International Journal of Energy Technology and Policy 7(5/6) 2011
  • Solar tunnel drier with thermal storage for drying of copra
  • An experimental investigation of a solar/wind 4 kW micro generation system and T-1000 1.2 kW PEM fuel cell
  • Energy conservation in aluminium foundries by waste heat recovery from solidifying molten metal
  • Thermal characteristics in latent heat energy storage system using paraffin wax
  • Development of an energy efficient curtain flame ignition system for sintering of iron ore fines
  • Performance evaluation of parabolic dish type solar collector for industrial heating application
  • Performance enhancement of GT-ST power plant with inlet air cooling using lithium bromide/water vapour absorption refrigeration system

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