23 March 2012

Call for Papers: What are the Contributions and Implications of Complexity Theory to the Study and Practice of Management of Educational Institutions?

A special issue of International Journal of Complexity in Leadership and Management

This special issue aims at contributing to the debate about the changing character of management in educational institutions worldwide. Complexity theory is a relatively new approach to human organisations, which derives from multidisciplinary developments in science to investigate the dynamics of change and the emergence of new patterns of behaviour in human organisations.

Much has been written about the changing nature of management in educational institutions worldwide, promoted by market-oriented policy level reforms. The challenges faced by schools and universities at the beginning of the 21st century can have many dimensions. How do we prepare students for a world of uncertainty and constant change? How do educational leaders operate in contexts of unpredictability and increasing demands from different stakeholders? What are the dynamics of organisational environments from which learning, creativity and innovation can emerge? What is the relation between management and such environments?

The overall contribution aimed for by this issue in relation to the practice of management can be expressed as the addressing of the question: how can our educational institutions at different levels be managed in adaptive ways in a complex world struggling for sustainability?

Subject topics include but are not limited to:
  • New theoretical perspectives of leadership and management of schools at different levels and higher education institutions
  • Ontological and epistemological implications of complexity theory to the study of organisational aspects of educational institutions
  • Learning and the emergence of innovative practices in education
  • Leadership development and training in educational institutions
  • Qualitative research of complexity in management and leadership in the education sector
Important Date
Submission deadline: 1 July, 2014

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