5 March 2012

Special issue: Innovative computing in computer networks and applications

International Journal of Innovative Computing and Applications 4(1) 2012

Papers from the 1st International Conference on Information Computing and Applications (ICICA 2010), held in Tangshan, China, 15-18 October 2010.
  • Quasi-parallel network applications in real-time distribution management system
  • Comparison of some optimisation techniques for numerical schemes discretising equations with advection terms
  • Towards optimisation of the management of resources in the CloudSim simulator
  • Indoor pedestrian displacement estimation using Smart phone inertial sensors
  • A novel approach for QoS guided metascheduler for hypercubic P2P grid system
  • LDPC coding proposal for pulsed-OFDM modulation for WPAN systems using UWB communication in indoor propagation channels
  • Mathematical model for designing the traffic circle control

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