26 March 2012

Special issue: Emotion and embodiment in research

International Journal of Work Organisation and Emotion 4(3/4) 2011
  • Gendered incorporations: critically embodied reflections on the gender divide in organisation studies
  • Decidedly visceral moments: emotion, embodiment and the social bond in ethnographic fieldwork
  • The embodied dimension of creativity in academic knowledge work
  • Emotions in organisational research in nursing homes
  • The role of emotion management in the legitimation performance of researchers
  • Creating a healthy work environment for nursing practice and education: Leadership impact on nursing and healthcare work environment
  • Researching emotions and the emotions of researching: the strange case of Alexithymia in reflexive research
PhD papers
  • Dilemmas as researchers: an honest account
  • Walking between the worlds: from shamanic practice to academic practice in one giant leap
  • International research students' emotional experiences in researching education in their home contexts

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