30 March 2012

Special issue: Future perspectives for sustainable agriculture

International Journal of Foresight and Innovation Policy 8(2/3) 2012
  • Scenario analysis as a foresight tool in agriculture
  • Integrating technology foresight methods with environmental life cycle assessment to promote sustainable agriculture
  • Life cycle assessment of energy crop production with special attention to the establishment of regional biomass utilisation systems
  • Integrated evaluation of biofuel production options in agriculture: an exploration of sustainable policy scenarios
  • Agricultural support as a Pigouvian subsidy for landscape amenity benefits: revisiting European regional convergence
  • Agriculture and sustainable development: policies analysis of the Taihu Economic Circle in China
  • How to approach narratives in foresight studies: qualitative data analysis
  • The use of gravity concepts for agricultural land-use dynamics: a case study on the Algarve
  • The absorption capacity of European funds for rural development in Romania: estimates of the factor influence

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