7 August 2007

Special issue: Perspectives in energy technology

International Journal of Energy Technology and Policy 5(3) 2007 is a special issue: Perspectives in energy technology.

Article titles:
* Solar thermal power plants for the Spanish electricity market
* Increasing of the quality of energy from stochastic fluctuating sources using dynamic power conditioning
* Polygeneration-IGCC concepts for the production of hydrogen rich fuels based on lignite
* Biofuel from algae – photobiological hydrogen production and CO2-fixation
* Adiabatic compressed air energy storage plants for efficient peak load power supply from wind energy: the European project AA-CAES
* Combined fuel cell–gas turbine plant for highly efficient power generation from renewable energy sources
* How sustainable are our energy technologies? Photovoltaics and wind energy systems as examples
* The viessmann domestic fuel cell energy centre in its trial phase
* Combined cycles for CO2-capture with high efficiency
* Energy technologies for rural areas – decentralised power generation through MARKAL modelling: a case study
* The 700°C steam turbine power plant – status of development and outlook
* Pressurised pulverised coal combustion – a coal-based combined-cycle state of the cooperative project: cleaned flue gas matches specifications for use with gas turbines

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