8 August 2007

Call for papers: Human Adaptive Mechatronics (HAM)

Call for papers: Human Adaptive Mechatronics (HAM)

A special issue of International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control

Mechatronics is said to be the synergetic integration of key technologies such as mechanical, electrical, control, information and other diverse technologies to achieve the useful end. It aims to study automata from an engineering perspective and to serve the purposes of controlling advanced engineering systems. Mechatronics has not only improved the efficiency of industry but also contributed to make the human life more comfortable.

The improvement in human-machine interfaces has made advanced intelligent machines possible without special education and training. Such intelligent machines with advanced human-machine interfaces are typical examples of mechatronics. In order that these human-mechatronics systems can achieve high performance, the human-machine function should adapt to the skill-levels of the user and especially include the ability to assist in improving their skills.

Mechatronics that not only adapts to the level of the skill or dexterity but also assists users to improve their skills should be developed. The total mechatronics system including human performance must be studied. Such study is entitled “Human Adaptive Mechatronics” which is a new discipline of the synergetic integration of mechanical, electrical, information technology and human sciences, including aspects of medical science and psychology.

This special issue aims to provide the current a perspective on Human Adaptive Mechatronics, including fundamental aspects of the theory, illustrative applications and associated technologies.

Papers on the following topics on Human Adaptive Mechtronics include but are not limited to:
  • Fundamental theory of human adaptive mechatronics
  • Contributions to supporting modelling and control methodologies
  • Identification of human behavior and operation
  • Human intelligence, learning, and understanding including cognition
  • Assistive robotics and mechatronics
  • Human-machine, computer and mechatronics interface
  • Medical applications of human adaptive mechatronics
  • Sensors and actuators in human adaptive mechatronics
Important Dates
Submission Deadline: 1 November 2007
Notification of the Initial Decision: 10 December 2007
Notification of Acceptance: 10 January 2008
Final Manuscript submission: 1 February 2008

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