30 August 2007

Call for papers: Technological Innovation

Call for papers: Technological Innovation

A special issue of International Journal of Collaborative Enterprise

The American Heritage Dictionary defines innovation as “the act of introducing something new.” Penicillin was discovered by the Sir Alexander Fleming in the 1928, although it was 15 years after the original discovery that Howard Walter Florey discovered the use of it as a medicine. Innovation matters. It is a key characteristic associated with the success of any society. Innovation is exploring new ideas based on existing technologies. The continuous improvement and advancement of the previously known technologies can result in developing new products, processes and systems which improves the quality of life for the society as the whole. Managing innovation consists of:
  • Identifying the opportunity for innovation
  • Setting the objectives and benefits
  • Background research and generating creative idea(s)
  • Feasibility and risk factors analysis
  • Design, development, prototypes and testing
  • Policies and strategies of new procedures and managements
  • Market research and analysis
  • Implementation
For organisations that are competing globally, innovation is the key for survival. Technological innovation requires a change in processes and how companies do business. As an example, manufacturing industry has been changing radically in order to reduce costs and waste, increase variety and improve productivity. Technological innovation is a must to maintain global competitiveness.

The goal of this special issue is to address this critical subject and its impact on the global market competition of the 21st century.

The objective of the special issue is to publish the latest articles on a variety of topics related to the technological innovations such as:

* Product innovation
* Process innovation
* Management processes
* Operational processes
* Supporting processes
* Organisational innovation
* Financial and marketing innovation
* Incremental innovation
* Breakthrough innovation
* Systemic innovations
* New techno-economic paradigms
* Supply chain innovation
* Distribution network configuration and strategies
* Integrated supply chain
* Inventory management
* Enterprise Reengineering
* Systems engineering paradigms
* Business model innovation
* Service innovation
* Learning organisation
* Case studies and other related topics

Important Dates

Abstract of proposed articles: 1 October, 2007
Full paper submission for the invited articles: 1 December, 2007
Notification of reviews: 1 February, 2008
Revised manuscript submission: 31 March, 2008
Notification of acceptance: 2 May, 2008
Final Paper: 30 May, 2008

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