17 August 2007

Special issue: Human perception of combined sound and vibration

International Journal of Vehicle Noise and Vibration 3(2) 2007 is a special issue: Human perception of combined sound and vibration.

Article titles:
* The influence of combined environmental stimuli on the evaluation of acoustical comfort: case studies carried out in an interactive simulation environment
* Cognitive degradation after exposure to combined noise and whole-body vibration in a simulated vehicle ride
* Vibro-acoustical comfort in cars at idle: human perception of simulated sounds and vibrations from 3- and 4-cylinder diesel engines
* Sound and vibration perceptual contributions during vehicle transient and steady-state road inputs
* Vibrations can have both negative and positive effects on the perception of sound
* Changes in subjective ratings of impulsive steering wheel vibration due to changes in noise level: a cross-modal interaction
* Effect of automobile operating condition on the subjective equivalence of steering wheel vibration and sound

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