7 August 2007

Call for papers: Telehealthcare System Implementation, Challenges and Issues

Call for papers: Telehealthcare System Implementation, Challenges and Issues

A special issue of International Journal of Healthcare Technology and Management

The promotion of telemedicine will contribute to the availability of high quality medical services to the needy, irrespective of socioeconomic and geographical disparity. With the advances in technology, the delivery of healthcare to even remote locations has become feasible through methods such as telemedicine interoperability and interconnection.

Setting up a telemedicine centre is always a critical component of any telemedicine project. This special issue will focus on the positive and encouraging aspects of telemedicine. The focus will be on whether the implementation and use of this facility are smooth and flawless. There are the inevitable difficulties associated with the introduction of new systems and technologies.

Being dependent on the synergy of information technology, medical devices, connectivity, communication technology and medical manware, the implementation and operational management can be complex and prone to failure, if not planned well. This issue briefly touches upon the different systems and elements in the telemedicine network and considerations in their selection which touches the issues involved in telemedicine implementation.

The issue will provide an overview of the different challenges and issues in the implementation of telemedicine systems and networks, which can be categorised under technical, managerial, ethical, legal and financial aspects and need to be addressed systematically for establishing a successful telemedicine network.

Authors are requested to submit manuscripts including, but not limited to, the following topics:
  • Issues and challenges of telehealthcare implementation in rural and remote places.
  • Healthcare technology management and technology assessment in rural and remote places.
  • Funding and self sustenance of telehealthcare implementations
  • Strategic planning for successful implementation of healthcare and healthcare technology (HC/HCT)
  • Human resource management in telehealthcare
  • Cost and operability considerations in telehealthcare technology
  • Safety, security and confidentiality in telehealthcare technology
  • Acceptance and awareness of telehealthcare technology by patients and doctors.
  • Innovations in revenue model for sustenance of telehealthcare implementations
Important Dates
Deadline for submission of full paper: 3 November, 2007
Final acceptance/rejection notification: 3 December, 2007
Deadline for submitting revised manuscripts: 15 December, 2007

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