16 August 2007

Special issue: Design and verification of real-time embedded software

International Journal of Embedded Systems 2(3/4) 2007 is a special issue: Design and verification of real-time embedded software.

Article titles:
* Applying model-driven development to distributed real-time and embedded avionics systems
* Real-time virtual machines for avionics software migration
* Scoped, coarse-grain memory management and the RTSJ scoped memory model in the development of real-time applications
* A survey of formal verification methods and tools for embedded and real-time systems
* Partitioning bin-packing algorithms for distributed real-time systems
* Performance analysis of hard-real-time embedded software
* The adaptive layer-based scheduling system for embedded real-time transmission on scalable multimedia stream
* Syntax-driven optimisations for reachable state space construction of ESTEREL programs
* The MILS architecture for high-assurance embedded systems
* LyraFILE: a component-based VFAT file system for embedded systems

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