27 October 2015

Special issue published: "Sustainability in Agribusiness"

International Journal of Globalisation and Small Business 7(3/4) 2015
  • Socioeconomic sustainability, food production, and food 'stakeholders': an exploratory study 
  • Sustainability perceptions and actions of Italian agri-food firms
  • Consumers' literacy and preferences for sustainability labels: an exploratory analysis on Italian young adults
  • Green economy and social responsibility in the Italian agri-food sector: the focus on the wine sector
  • Sustainable European fishery and the Friend of the Sea scheme: tools to achieve sustainable development in the fishery sector
  • Inter-firm cooperation as strategic element to get a sustainable competitive advantage in rural tourism: network contract 'green-road'
  • Reaching out to organic agriculture for sustainability in agribusiness
  • Understanding limits to data informative power for sustainable food policies in transition and post-transition countries

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