12 October 2015

Special issue published: "New Cryptographic Techniques for Large-Scale Network Security"

International Journal of Embedded Systems 7(3/4) 2015

Extended versions of papers presented at the 8th International Conference on Network and System Security (NSS 2014).
  • Cooperative attribute-based access control for enterprise computing system
  • Proof of retrievability with efficient verification
  • Weak leakage resilient extractable hash proof system and construction for weak leakage resilient CCA-secure public-key encryption
  • On the provable security of TPM2.0 cryptography APIs
  • MVP: modelling virus propagation for IPv6 wireless sensor networks
  • A two-factor authenticated key exchange protocol based on RSA with dynamic passwords
  • Energy-efficient key agreement protocols for wireless body area networks
  • Lightweight handover authentication with location privacy-preserving in mobile wireless networks
  • A GAA-based batch authentication and key agreement for LTE networks
  • Investigating severity of blackhole attack and its variance in wireless mobile ad hoc networks
  • Anonymous hierarchical identity-based encryption without key delegation in decryption
Additional papers
  • A low energy consumption WSN node
  • A secured transmission model for EPC network
  • Optimisation of moving target's low-power and high-precision monitoring with RSSI based on static and dynamic clustering

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