7 October 2015

Special issue published: "Modern Technologies as Future Solutions for Performance Products"

International Journal of Materials and Product Technology 51(3) 2015

Extended versions of papers presented at the ModTech2014 international conference.
  • Representation of polymer mixing status during extrusion based on the model of ultrasonic reflection at screw
  • Process parameter optimisation for plasma sprayed nanostructured ZrO2-7%Y2O3 coatings based on PSO algorithm
  • MgZnFeAlLDHs nanoarchitectonics for photocatalytic removal of some organic pollutants by using solar irradiation
  • A study on the uniformity of silver coatings on nanometer SnO2 particles through chemical plating
  • An analysis of forces during three roller bending process
  • Influence of hot-working conditions on a structure of X11MnSiAl17-1-3 steel for automotive industry 
  • Modified random walker segmentation method of welding arc thermograms for welding process diagnostics
  • Methods of detection of power transmission lines components using image analysis
  • Improvement of sinterability of KNN ceramics by mechanochemical activation-assisted process

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