21 January 2013

Special issue: "Electronic Systems – Part II"

International Journal of Signal and Imaging Systems Engineering 6(1) 2013
  • Design and study of high bit-rate free-space optical communication system employing QPSK modulation
  • ACS fed Koch fractal antenna for wide-band applications
  • An efficient sparse 8 × 8 orthogonal transform matrix for colour image compression
  • Analysing ION/IOFF in ultradeep-submicron CMOS devices using grooved nMOSFETs for low-power applications
  • A broadband Sierpinski gasket-shaped triangular dielectric resonator antenna for X-band
  • Encryption by Hill cipher and by a novel method using Chinese remainder theorem in Galois field
  • Planar ultrawideband fractal antenna with 3.4/5.5 GHz dual band-notched characteristics
  • A correlation based stochastic partitional algorithm for accurate cluster analysis
  • Deformed Ω for realisation of LH characteristics

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