8 January 2013

IJATM special issue: "The Dynamics of the Chinese Automotive Industry: Strategies, Innovation and Globalisation"

International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management 12(4) 2012
  • Joint ventures and the development of the Chinese automotive industry
  • Managing the transition to electric mobility in Chinese automotive subsidiaries of MNCs
  • The international expansion of Chinese auto firms: typology and trends
  • Geely: a trajectory of catching up and asset-seeking multinational growth
  • GChanging labour relations in China's automotive industry


Unknown said...

as I can get the article?

Inderscience said...

Hi Luis,

This issue's articles are available from http://inderscience.metapress.com/content/x1116101h31l/?p=dcfbf46c67db4dcf965fb426552bbac4&pi=0.