29 January 2013

Special issue: "Advanced Knowledge-Intensive Approaches in Support for Social Networks and Learning Systems"

International Journal of Knowledge and Learning 8(3/4) 2012

Includes expanded versions of papers from the 3rd International Conference on Intelligent Networking and Collaborative Systems (INCoS 2011).
  • Linked open data for learning object discovery in adaptive e-learning systems
  • Design of an emotion aware e-learning system
  • Kindergarten children's motivation and collaboration being triggered via computers while creating digital stories: a case study
  • Diffusion of information and phase transition in the Fisher market
  • Evaluation of knowledge-based competency in Iranian universities: a practical model
Additional Papers
  • Knowledge management through learning model in industrial projects
  • Knowledge management and e-learning in higher education: a research study based on students' perceptions
  • Modelling and benchmarking organisations' memory capabilities

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