7 January 2013

Int. J. of Electronic Governance special issue: "Voting Advice Applications and State of the Art: Theory, Practice and Comparative Insights"

International Journal of Electronic Governance 5(3/4) 2012
  • Voting Advice Applications under review: the state of research
  • The practicalities of issuing vote advice: a new methodology for profiling and matching
  • 'Neither agree, nor disagree': a critical analysis of the middle answer category in Voting Advice Applications
  • Matching voters with political parties and candidates: an empirical test of four algorithms
  • Design challenges in cross-national VAAs: the case of the EU Profiler
  • Voter advice applications in practice: answers to some key questions from Turkey
  • Using VAAs to explore the dimensionality of the policy space: experiments from Brazil, Peru, Scotland and Cyprus
  • Voting Advice Applications and their effect on voter turnout: the case of the German Wahl-O-Mat
  • Voting advice applications and party choice: evidence from smartvote users in Switzerland
  • Smartvote.lu: usage and impact of the first VAA in Luxembourg

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