21 January 2013

Call for papers: "Applications of AHP and ANP in Emerging Markets’ Business Firms"

For a special issue of the Journal for Global Business Advancement.

Making sound decisions is vital for the accomplishment of business firm’s visions, missions and goals. An organisation’s success depends substantially on its managers’ decision making expertise and abilities.

Often, organisations’ decisions involve conflicting objectives that could be resolved using quantitative and qualitative criteria such as the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and the analytic network process (ANP), both of which are widely popular decision making methods that have been successfully deployed by distinguished managers in different business settings across the world.

This special issue will present the applications of AHP/ANP across emerging market settings with a focus on any of the areas below.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Banking and Finance
  • Business education
  • Decision support systems
  • Economic development
  • Forecasting and prediction
  • Foreign direct investment
  • Group decision making in business
  • Heathcare
  • Hospitality
  • Human resource management
  • Performance measurement
  • Total quality management
  • Resource management
  • Risk/uncertainty
  • Strategic management
  • Supply chain management
Important Dates
Submission deadline: 30 August, 2013

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