15 November 2012

Special issue: Exergy life cycle assessment and sustainability

International Journal of Exergy 11(4) 2012

Papers from the 1st International Exergy Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainability Workshop and Symposium (ELCAS) held in Nisyros, Greece, 4-6 June 2009.
  • Study on the effect of preference of air-conditioning usage on the exergy consumption pattern within a built environment
  • The reference environment: utilising exergy and anergy for buildings
  • Exergy indicators in the building environment
  • Steady versus dynamic exergy analysis: the case of an air source heat pump
  • Benchmarking of low 'exergy' buildings
  • Visual and thermal comfort and its relations to exergy consumption in a classroom with daylighting
  • Development of human-body exergy balance model for a better understanding of thermal comfort in the built environment
  • Exergy and sustainability
  • Understanding and improving energy conversion systems with the aid of exergy-based methods

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