15 November 2012

Call for papers: Sustainability and Ethics in Global Transportation Logistics Networks

A special issue of World Review of Intermodal Transportation Research

Transportation logistics networks are enablers of globalised trade and, if functioning properly, act as facilitators of trade and economic growth.

However, the coin always has two sides, and business and environmental sustainability, shadow economies, labour treatment and compensation, ethical (e.g. use of middlemen in questionable purchases) and moral (e.g. individual choices in daily managerial decisions) issues pose challenges for corporations and societies. As a further technical issue, the age of used transportation fleets together with aging infrastructure pose great challenges not only for environmental sustainability, but for business sustainability too.

In this special issue we welcome transportation logistics research studies regarding these rarely-addressed issues. We are interested in studies covering different transportation modes, customs, infrastructure conditions/planning of new infrastructure, actors in transportation logistics processes, inland/sea port terminals, sea ports, airports and warehouses.

As assembly operations are today also incorporated in the warehousing business, studies taking into account simple manufacturing and sourcing operations are also invited for the special issue. We are extremely interested in case studies and emerging markets. Both positive and negative studies of high quality into sustainability and ethics are welcome.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:
  • Transportation modes and sustainability
  • Transportation fleet management
  • Condition of infrastructure and planning approaches for new infrastructure
  • Labour practices
  • Ethics in purchasing and supply management
  • Ethics of subcontracting of transportation logistics
  • Control practices in transportation logistics networks
  • Morals of decision makers in transportation logistics
  • Assembly operations in terminals and/or warehouses
  • Customs
  • Shadow economies and transportation logistics
Important Dates
Full paper due: 31 March, 2013 (extended)
Notification of acceptance: 31 May, 2013
Final version of the paper due: 15 July, 2013

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