6 November 2012

Special issue: Advances in electronic materials and microelectromechanical systems product

International Journal of Materials and Product Technology 44(3/4) 2012

Includes extended papers from the 2012 International Conference on Applied Materials and Electronics Engineering (AMEE 2012) held in Hong Kong, China, 18-19 January 2012
  • Electrostatic discharge simulation and experimental analysis of electrostatic control in electronic device manufacturing
  • Effect of various mixing properties of concrete on chloride penetration through cracks
  • Novel green illumination energy for LED with ocean battery materials
  • Ni-Mg-La tri-metallic on alumina catalysts for steam reforming of a biomass gasification tar model compound
  • A novel 2-DOF haptic master device using bi-directional magneto-rheological brakes: modelling and experimental investigation
  • Observation of non-metallic inclusions on repeatedly quenched SAE 52100 bearing steel fracture surfaces
  • Investigation of wear in induction-heated AISI E 52100 steel bars under reciprocating motion
  • Crack growth simulation of bulk and ultrafine grained 7075 Al alloy by XFEM

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