17 November 2012

Special issue: Electronic systems – Part I

International Journal of Signal and Imaging Systems Engineering 5(4) 2012

Papers from the  International Conference on Electronic Systems-2011 held in Rourkela, India, 7-9 January 2011.
  • Data-path selection mechanism based on physical layer impairments for WDM network
  • Neural network based prediction of Parkinsonian hand tremor using surface electromyography
  • Sidelobe suppression using convolutional windows in radar
  • Performance analysis of multi user chaotic communication system using orthogonal chaotic vector
  • Channel estimation algorithms for OFDM systems
  • Impedance and radiation characteristics of circular patch wearable antennas at flat and bent positions
  • Bandwidth enhancement of microstrip antennas using additional gap-coupled hexagonal shape resonators to the radiating edges
  • Sidelobe reduction of a scanned and broadside central element fed concentric ring array antenna with fixed first null beamwidth using novel particle swarm optimisation 
  • The circular microstrip patch antenna (CMPA) with circular and rectangular slot etched ground plane for wireless communication (HiperLAN/1 and HiperLAN/2)

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