11 November 2012

Call for papers: Random Neural Networks: Advances and Applications

A special issue of International Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms

This special issue will address novel developments in random neural network-based modelling methods, their analysis and learning algorithms, and applications in computer science and optimisation, distributed systems and networks and bioinformatics.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • New mathematical developments concerning the random neural network (RNN) and related mathematical models such as G-networks
  • Analytical solutions for RNN- and G-network-based methods
  • Efficient numerical solution techniques for the RNN and G-networks
  • Mapping G-networks into optimisation problems
  • G-network models in bioinformatics
  • Novel learning algorithms for G-networks and the RNN
  • Application of the RNN to network routing
  • RNN applications to hard combinatorial optimisation problems
  • Managing distributed systems with RNN-based techniques
Important Dates
Submission of manuscripts: 1 March, 2013

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