17 November 2012

Call for papers: Durability of Concrete Structures

A special issue of International Journal of Structural Engineering

Concrete is the most important structural material in human history and “man consumes no material except water in such tremendous quantities”. Concrete was once regarded as a durable material with no need of maintenance. However, it is now generally accepted that structural concrete does not have an indefinite life, i.e., it deteriorates with time.

In developed countries, approximately 50% of the expenditure in the construction industry is spent on repair, maintenance and remediation of infrastructures. In some developing countries like China and India, there is an exponential growth in infrastructure and these newly-built structures such as bridges and dams requires more than 100 years service life. Therefore, the importance of the durability of infrastructure cannot be over-emphasised.

This special issue focuses on the durability of concrete structures in structural engineering.

Original papers reporting new theoretical and experimental developments are welcome, including those in, but not limited to, the following areas:
  • Influence of environments on durability
  • Ionic/molecular transport modelling
  • Materials for durability enhancement
  • Material deterioration
  • Performance of deteriorated structures
  • Durability design
  • Life-cycle management of concrete structures
  • Testing, inspection and monitoring methods
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Practical application
Important Date
Deadline for paper submission: 1 April, 2013 (extended)

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