15 November 2012

Special issue: Algorithms and protocols for opportunistic and delay-tolerant networks

International Journal of Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing 11(2/3) 2012
  • On the characterisation of vehicular mobility in a large-scale public transport network
  • Probabilistic data collection protocols for energy harvesting wireless sensor networks
  • Towards augmented connectivity with delay constraints in WSN federation
  • Connectivity restoration in delay-tolerant sensor networks using game theory
  • Worst-case latency of broadcast in intermittently connected networks
  • Building routing overlays in disrupted networks: inferring contacts in challenged sensor internetworks
  • Enabling delay-tolerant communications for partially connected vehicular ad hoc networks
Additional Papers
  • Transition phase of connectivity for wireless networks with growing process
  •  SensorStream: a semantic real-time stream management system

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