17 October 2011

Special issue: The technology of innovation

International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development  5(2/3)2011
  • Technology as system: towards an autopoietic theory of technology
  • The usage of boundary objects for the construction of organisational innovation processes
  • Direction or mediation? Nexus’ role in technology adoption
  • An agent-based method for planning innovations
  • The dimension of innovation in SME networks – a case study on Cloud Computing and Web 2.0 technologies in a textile manufacturing network
  • Electronic procurement of services and process innovation
  • Sustainability innovation contests: evaluating contributions with an eco impact-innovativeness typology
  • Crowdsourcing of inventive activities: definition and limits
  • Web 2.0 revisited: user-generated content as a social innovation
Additional Papers
  • Social value creation: outline and first application of a resource management approach to innovation
  • Open source: an opportunity structure for boundless innovation

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