28 October 2011

Special issue: Cyber harassment impacts on corporations

International Journal of Management and Decision Making 11(5/6) 2011
  • Negative comments online: SLAPPing the First Amendment in the USA
  • Interdependent risk networks: the threat of cyber attack
  • Reducing cyber harassment through de jure standards: a study on the lack of the information security management standard adoption in the USA
  • Erosion of a dental specialist's referral network: an economic loss template for cyber-defamation
  • A personality process model of cyber harassment
  • Corporate cyber smearing and the use of game theory in management decision-making
  • An exploratory study of culture and cyber harassment
  • Is Chinese business education ready for the era of services economy? – A survey into Chinese services management education
  • Probabilistic comparison of call centres in a group decision process

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