12 October 2011

Call for Papers: New Competences in Tomorrow´s Automotive Management

A special issue of International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management

Competence-based strategic management (CSM), as developed for example in strategic competence-based management (strategisches kompetenz-management, or SKM) and international competence-based management (ICBM) research groups, presents a major challenge for automotive companies.

 The transition to electric mobility has already begun and demands new competences in tomorrow´s automotive management:
  • New competences have to be built into traditional internal combustion engine technology following the end of the race for economies of scale and scope, because vehicles using this technology will be used for at least another 30 years.
  • A competence gap has to be closed in new electric technology, since the hidebound competence profiles of traditional automotive companies are slow to change.
  • To minimise the coordination costs arising because the simultaneous exploitation of traditional internal combustion engine technology and exploration of new electric technology raises conflicting management logics, automotive companies have to build ambidextrous (management) competences.
  • To map the increasing international value added particularly in the growth markets of BRIC countries in multi-polar structures, automotive companies have to improve their global (management) competences.
Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  •  Lines of development of competence-based management in the automotive industry
  •  Competence gaps and competence loss in the transition to electric mobility (e.g. because of increasing modularisation)
  •  Continuous competence improvement in internal combustion engine technology
  •  Development of new competences in the transition to electric mobility
  •  Management of ambidexterity in the transition to electric mobility
  •  Improvement of global management competences with increasing value added in growth markets
 We propose to discuss the papers at special issue sessions at:
 20th GERPISA International Colloquium, 13-15 June, 2012 in Cracow
 4th Wissenschaftsforum Mobilität, 21 June, 2012 in Duisburg (in German language)

Papers will be reviewed and discussed by the special issue editor. While all submitted papers will go through the regular double-blind journal review process, we believe that a face-to-face encounter at one of the two proposed special issue sessions will result in better papers.
Participation in the sessions will not be a necessary condition for acceptance into the special issue, but we will strongly encourage all potential authors to attend these sessions.

Important Dates

Deadline for (extended) abstract submission (see below): 29 February, 2012
Response by guest editors: 15 April, 2012
Special issue session at GERPISA, Cracow: 13-15 June, 2012
Special issue session at the Wissenschaftsforum Mobilität, Duisburg: 21 June, 2012
Deadline for full paper submission incorporating discussant comments: 31 August, 2012

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