11 October 2011

Special Issue: Advances in modelling and optimisation of materials and manufacturing processes

International Journal of Materials Engineering Innovation 2(3/4) 2011
  • Finite element analysis of ultrasonic insertion of SiC fibre in aluminium alloy 6061
  • Multi-objective optimisation of electrical discharge machining process using Derringer's desirability function approach
  • Optimisation of flexing pattern for coated abrasive belt grinding of EN8 steel by Taguchi design
  • Multi-objective parametric optimisation during electrical discharge machining of Inconel 718 with different electrodes
  • Machinability study on reinforcement e-glass fibre (multi-filament) composite pipe using carbide tool
  • Multi-objective optimisation of parameters and indirect monitoring of objectives in turning – a cutting tool chatter approach
  • Developing parametric window and mathematical model to predict micro hardness of friction stir welded aluminium alloy AA6082
  • Multiple-response modelling and optimisation of micro-turning machining parameters using response surface method
  • Process capability study of ultrasonic machining for titanium alloys
  • An experimental study on precision grinding of silicon using diamond grinding pins

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