27 October 2011

Special issue: Advanced vehicle handling dynamics and control

International Journal of Vehicle Design 56(1-4) 2011
  • Static and dynamic wheel alignment analysis of steering drift under straight braking
  • Relationships between lane change performance and open-loop vehicle handling metrics
  • Influence of front/rear drive force distribution on the lateral grip and understeer of all-wheel drive vehicles
  • A driver model for vehicle lateral dynamics
  • Uncertain analysis of vehicle handling using interval method
  • Measurement and fatigue damage evaluation of road profiles in customer operation
  • Application of subspace-based method in vehicle handling dynamic model identification and properties estimation
  • Study on soft computing arithmetic for vehicle yaw rate based on ANFIS
  • A variable structure adaptive extended Kalman filter for vehicle slip angle estimation
  • Design of unknown inputs robust fuzzy observer for lane departure detection
  • A novel sensor design for the tyre load monitoring: overall design and analysis
  • Design of electronic stability control for rollover prevention using sliding mode control
  • Integrated AFS/DYC sliding mode controller for a hybrid electric vehicle
  • Optimal control of an On-Demand All-Wheel Drive system (ODAWD) for vehicle traction enhancement
  • Application of switching traction and braking systems in longitudinal control for series–parallel hybrid electric buses
  • Active roll control and integration with electronic stability control system: simulation study
  • Modelling and simulation of sensor-guided autonomous driving

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