6 October 2011

Call for Papers: In the Name of Sustainability

A special issue of International Journal of Sustainable Development

Over the past decades an enormous number of projects, enterprises and initiatives invoking sustainability objectives have multiplied in the most diverse domains: human health, agriculture, energy, climate engineering, information and communication technologies, aerospace, landscape, computer modelling, technological innovation, etc.

As many of these projects tend to become highly public and intensely politicised, it comes as no surprise that the recurring “technical progress” and “sustainable development” claims are often contested and criticised. Indeed, these technological initiatives, whether seen as effective vehicles for accelerating human development or for addressing local/global problems, draw attention to two different kinds of contemporary dilemma: the paradoxes of technology and the paradoxes (or contradictions) of sustainability, both of which demand a great deal of reflexivity.

By looking at projects that are rooted in sustainability objectives there is an opportunity to trace the ways in which sustainability narratives have been instrumental in justifying those projects. But more fundamentally, they also mandate that we rethink the very concept of sustainability.

By focusing attention on enterprises, initiatives or projects “in the name of sustainability”, this special issue seeks to promote a critical discussion around the contemporary and unsolved paradoxes of the technology-development-sustainability nexus

 Suitable topics include, but are not limited to:
  •  Human power and the changed nature of human action: new challenges in new human experiences of (for) living in the world
  •  Managing large-scale projects in an age of ignorance: seeking the truth behind techno-scientific promises
  •  Visions of the future of large-scale enterprises: between emotions, experience, expertise and utopia
  •  Authority, responsibility and accountability in the context of unintended consequences of well-intentioned mega-enterprises
  •  The social processes in which decision making of large-scale enterprises is embedded
  •  The complex moral dilemmas of large-scale enterprises
  •  Sustainable large-scale enterprises and the principle of safeguarding and promoting the needs of present and future generations
  •  Sustainable large-scale enterprises and the precautionary principle
  •  Sustainable large-scale enterprises and the principle of common but differentiated responsibility
  •  Sustainable large-scale enterprises and the principle of equitable access to scientific and technological developments
Important Dates
Deadline for paper submission:  30 January 2013
Notification of review results:  30 April 2013
Submission of revised manuscripts:  30 June 2013

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