28 June 2011

Special issue: Technologies, architectures and applications for green wireless sensor networks

International Journal of Sensor Networks 10(1/2) 2011
  • Energy-efficient framework for data gathering in wireless sensor networks via the combination of sleeping MAC and data aggregation strategies
  • Scatter – secure code authentication for efficient reprogramming in wireless sensor networks
  • HEEP (Hybrid Energy Efficiency Protocol) based on chain clustering
  • Enhancing AODV routing protocol over mobile ad hoc sensor networks
  • Multi-sensor activation for temporally correlated event monitoring with renewable energy sources
  • A cluster-based algorithm for redundant nodes discovery in dense sensor networks
  • A green wireless sensor network for environmental monitoring and risk identification
  • Autonomic cooperative networking for wireless green sensor systems
  • PERSEN: power-efficient logical ring based key management for clustered sensor networks
  • Adaptive resource allocation in multiuser cooperative networks with proportional rate constraints

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