2 June 2011

Special issue: Nanomaterials for solar energy harvesting

International Journal of Nanoparticles 4(2/3) 2011
  • Photogenerated charge carriers in semiconductor nanomaterials for solar energy conversion
  • Nanostructured heterogeneous photocatalysts for H2 production using solar energy
  • Nanostructured niobate photocatalysts
  • Self-assembly of one-dimensional nanomaterials for cost-effective photovoltaics
  • One-dimensional coaxial nanowire solar cell
  • Nanomaterials for third generation photovoltaics
  • Effect of TiO2/WO3/C photoanode composition on the photocurrent of all-solid photoelectrochemical cells
  • Nanostructural control of ZnO photoelectrodes for enhancing solar energy conversion efficiency in dye-sensitised solar cells
  • Nanostructured ZnO for photoelectrochemical splitting of water to produce hydrogen: swift heavy ion irradiation vis-a-vis dye-sensitisation
  • A review in visible-light-driven BiVO4 photocatalysts
  • Texturing of crystalline Si thin film solar cells via nanostructure to boost efficiency

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