30 June 2011

Special issue: Scalable wireless networks

International Journal of Communication Networks and Distributed Systems 7(1/2) 2011
  • A dynamic route change mechanism for mobile ad hoc networks
  • Multipath geographic routing using false destinations
  • A cross-layer approach to the optimal flow, power and rate control for maximum-throughput delivery of VBR traffic over wireless connections
  • A cross-layer protocol for cooperative content delivery over mobile ad-hoc networks
  • Indoor localisation robustness and performance improvement
  • Massively parallel cooperative localisation in scalable sensor networks
  • A scalable, high-performance grouping DCF for the MAC layer enhancement of 802.11n
  • Asymptotic scalability analysis of mobility protocols based on signalling overhead
  • Reliable congestion-aware information transport in wireless sensor networks
Additional Paper
  • ETUS: enhanced triple umpiring system for security and robustness of wireless mobile ad hoc networks

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