13 June 2011

Special issue: Advances in wireless, mobile and P2P-based internet protocols, applications and architectures

International Journal of Internet Protocol Technology 6(1/2) 2011
  • Fast mobility control protocols with sink location protection in wireless sensor networks
  • Interface aware distributed multicast packet replication in ad hoc network using multicast monitoring mobile agent
  • DCCP video streaming over multiple connections in the wireless internet
  • Performance evaluation of routing protocols in vehicular ad hoc networks
  • Trust-based clustering for multicast key distribution scheme in ad hoc network (TBCMKDS)
  • Performance analysis of the CAC scheme CARETON under mixed cell environment in overlay networks
  • A multipath routeless routing protocol with an efficient location update mechanism
  • Vehicle assisted cross-layer handover scheme in NEMO-based VANETs (VANEMO)
  • WSMXDiscoCast: a P2P approach for a better automation of the discovery mechanism for web service execution environment
Additional Papers
  • A new high performance PBV-based approach for simultaneous packet classification and conflict detection
  • U-plant: a RFID-based ubiquitous plant learning system for promoting self-regulation
  • A cross-multilayer mechanism design for improving video quality of SVC coded video streams over mobile WiMAX networks

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