3 June 2011

Special issue: Systems of systems engineering in a naval application

International Journal of System of Systems Engineering 2(2/3) 2011
  • The US Navy carrier strike group as a system of systems
  • Using system of systems engineering to strengthen carrier strike group C4ISR readiness evaluation
  • Overview of the systems of systems engineering methodology
  • Systems principles: foundation for the SoSE methodology
  • Systems principles in action: application in a navy SoS engineering analysis
  • Perspective 1 of the SoSE methodology: framing the system under study
  • Framing a system of systems in a navy system of systems engineering analysis
  • Perspective 2 of the SoSE methodology: designing the unique methodology
  • Lessons learned during implementation of the SoSE method in a navy SoS engineering analysis
  • Systems of systems engineering: prospects and challenges for the emerging field

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