2 June 2011

Special issue: Parallel high performance systems and architectures

International Journal of High Performance Systems Architecture 3(2/3) 2011

Papers from the 2009 WSCAD-SSC Conference held in São Paulo, Brail, 28-31 October 2009.
  • A minimalist cache coherent MPSoC designed for FPGAs
  • Dynamic workload balancing deques for branch and bound algorithms in the message passing interface
  • Challenges and solutions to improve the scalability of an operational regional meteorological forecasting model
  • Automated refactorings for high performance Fortran programmes
  • Assessing the influence of data access patterns and contention management policies on the performance of software transactional memory systems
  • The impact of applications' I/O strategies on the performance of the Lustre parallel file system
  • Trebuchet: exploring TLP with dataflow virtualisation
  • A RISC architecture for 2DLNS-based signal processing
  • GNLS: a hybrid on-chip communication architecture for SoC designs
  • A hardware architecture for subtractive clustering

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