2 June 2011

Special issue: Management of technology in healthcare organisations

International Journal of Healthcare Technology and Management 12(3/4) 2011

Papers in honour of Professor Koos Krabbendam upon his retirement from the University of Twente in the Netherlands.
  • Linking medical technology and quality of healthcare delivery: an exploratory study of a stage model
  • Changes in the hospital care following European Working Time Directive with special reference to the craft specialties
  • Ethical and legal issues of privacy and patient rights in the application of information healthcare delivery systems
  • Scope and role of strategic technology management in Austrian hospitals: a decade later
  • Health services innovation: evaluating process changes to improve patient flow
  • The role of operations management in improving emergency department outflow
  • Organisational innovations in Catalan hospitals: the case of telemedicine
  • A sub rosa world: Medicare and the cost of new technology
Additional Paper
  • Moving tele-monitoring and tele-treatment from promise to practice: a business model approach for a chronic lower back pain application

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