25 February 2011

Special issue: Water and the complexities of climate

International Journal of Water 5(4) 2010
  • Editorial: A sociological reflection on the complexities of climate change research
  • Water for an integrative climate paradigm
  • Solar energy dissipation and temperature control by water and plants
  • Ecological design for climate mitigation in contemporary urban living
  • Losing fertile matter to the sea: How landscape entropy affects climate
  • The Biotic Pump: Condensation, atmospheric dynamics and climate
  • Re-coupling the carbon and water cycles by Natural Sequence Farming
  • The principles of Natural Sequence Farming
  • Forest clearing, water loss, and land surface heating as development costs
  • Is the United Nations' REDD scheme conservation colonialism by default?
  • The New Water Paradigm, human capabilities and strong sustainability

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