11 February 2011

Call for Papers: Establishing a New World Order Post Financial Crisis

A special issue of Global Business and Economics Review

A variety of possible scenarios have been proposed by economists predicting world growth patterns in the future. It has been suggested that growth may favour developing economies as they catch up Western counterparts and their domestic economies expand. Recent studies by Harvard University have suggested Europe and America will still have higher incomes than emerging markets such as China over the next 50 years despite the fact that the Chinese economy will surpass the USA in terms of its size.

This special issue sets out to provide evidence for the above scenarios and tests economic and international business theories in the process.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Economic and technological development and progress of nations
  • Global foreign investment pattern and trends
  • Global Issues in political economy
  • Risk factors influencing future growth in emerging markets
  • Risk factors for Western economies
  • Risk factors for Asian economies
Important Dates
Submission of abstracts: May 2011
Submission of full paper: October 2011
Submission of revisions: March 2012

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