6 February 2011

Call for papers: Service Firms' Governance and Management: Trends and Challenges

A special issue of International Journal of Globalisation and Small Business

The international macro-economic scenario has been changing tremendously over the last thirty years. As far as developed countries are concerned, the service sector currently accounts for over 70% of overall gross domestic product. Moreover, the importance of services has also been growing for developing countries, in which this sector accounts for more than half of the economic activity to date (OECD, 2006; World Bank, 2006).

The concept of “service” embraces a number of industries, such as: retailing and distribution; financial services; hotels and tourism; leisure, recreation and entertainment; professional and business services; government; transportation and utilities; information; and education and health services.

Many of these industries have been the subject of increasing, although not conclusive, research attention over the years. This is why, for the purposes of this special issue, we invite contributions aimed at exploring the peculiarities and challenges of service firms in the globalised economy. Our goal is to collect a number of valuable papers which analyse the various aspects of service firms’ governance and management, such as corporate governance, strategies, operations and innovations.

Both theoretical and research papers are welcome. Suitable topics include, but are not limited to, the following in the context of service firms:
  • Strategies
  • Corporate governance
  • Human resource management
  • Operations management
  • Marketing management
  • Knowledge management
  • Strategic and organisational changes
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Networks
  • Servitisation
Important Dates
Submission of extended abstracts (max. 500 words): 4 April, 2011
Notification of acceptance of abstracts: 27 April, 2011
Submission of full papers following acceptance of abstracts: 15 November, 2011
Notification of acceptance, refusal or revision of full papers: 23 December, 2011
Submission of accepted and revisited final papers: 15 February, 2012

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