14 February 2011

Special issue: Managing research and development – people, projects and technology dimensions

International Journal of Technology Management 53(2-4) 2011

Papers from recent Portland International Conference on the Management of Engineering and Technology (PICMET) conferences.
  • Effects of technology cycles on strategic alliances
  • Internal technology valuation: real world issues
  • Sectoral systems of innovation in Asia. The case of software research activities
  • Challenges in managing the convergence of information and product design technology in a small company
  • Product development for successive generations: creating decision support graphic information utilising a generalised cost performance curve
  • The use of fuzzy logic and expert judgment in the R&D project portfolio selection process
  • Strategic management of a transformation in a multi-program technology program involving convergence and divergence of programs: observations from NASA
  • Trial implementation of a highly autonomous small-team-type R&D management model in a Japanese electronics company
  • Management of technical-personnel potential: five-factor performance model and its application to management in a Japanese automotive company
  • Fostering knowledge sharing through human resource management in R&D teams
  • Team personality composition, affective ties and knowledge sharing: a team-level analysis

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