25 February 2011

Call for Papers: Sustainable Supply Chain Management and Production

A special issue of International Journal of Mass Customisation

To live with limited resources we need to achieve more with less, which requires us to change the way we design, produce, use and dispose of the products and services we own and con-sume. Hence effective sustainable development must extend beyond an individual company, both up and down the supply chain.

In addition, sustainability requires appropriate balance along the triple bottom line – environ-mental performance, social performance and economic performance. It cannot be realised unless it not only positively affects the natural environment and society, but also results in long-term economic benefits and competitive advantages for firms. However, most of the related literature is single-firm-centric, and often reduces sustainability to environment improvement.

The goal of this special issue is to publish high quality and relevant research on the interface between sustainable supply chain management and production. We welcome papers that open/broaden our perspective on this important interface, including papers that contribute to exploring the role of governments and the public in sustainability or in balancing the triple bottom line of sustainability.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • Sustainable product development in a supply chain
  • Closing the supply chain loop with sustainability considerations
  • Assessing how sustainability considerations influence the production process
  • Evaluating how sustainability considerations impact supply chain partnerships
  • Exploring the role of the public and governments on sustainable production
  • Impact of balance among the triple bottom line of sustainability on production
  • Financial relationships between supply chain partners
  • Joint innovation between supply chain partners
Important Date
Submission deadline: 30 July, 2011

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