11 February 2011

Call for Papers: High Level Programming Models for MultiCore Architectures

A special issue of International Journal of High Performance Computing and Networking

This special issue aims to identify high-level programming models that are suited for the development of efficient code for multicore-based architectures. Ideally such models should have the potential to be used to develop software for next generation multicore architectures (which will have increased complexity).

The predominance of the multicore architecture model has resulted in the development of a set of "multicore-based" algorithms. At one end on the spectrum low level algorithms are designed for execution on very specific architectural configurations. Such machine specific algorithm development has the potential to achieve very high levels of performance, often at the expense of portability and reasonable development costs. At the other end of the spectrum abstract programming models provide frameworks for defining algorithms in a more general way.

Such models can offer a means of:
  • predicting algorithmic performance over a range of multicore-based architectures
  • establishing the correctness of highly parallel programs and
  • tuning algorithmic descriptions for particular machines (e.g. to allow the potential of cache usage to be exploited).
Such programming models include multilevel BSP and CoArray Fortran. Multicore models can be provided at various levels of abstraction and can offer different treatments of non-determinism and memory hierarchy representation.

Topics of primary interest include, but are not limited to:
  • Multilevel and other variant models of BSP (including functional BSP)
  • CoArray Fortran
  • Software-hardware integration medium
  • Multicore refinement techniques
  • Program correctness
Important Dates
Deadline for Submission: 30 June, 2011
Acceptance notification: 19 August, 2011

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