2 February 2011

Special issue: Global warming and climate change: issues and solutions

International Journal of Global Warming 3(1/2) 2011

Papers from the Global Conference on Global Warming 2009 (GCGW-09) held in Istanbul, Turkey, 5–9 July 2009.
  • Sustainability in the Humber River Basin
  • Some air pollution indicators in city of Tirana, Albania
  • A multisystem climate change adaptation approach for water sustainability in regional Australia
  • Homogeneous climate regions in Pakistan
  • The kinetics of carbon dioxide capture by solutions of piperazine and N-methyl piperazine
  • Impact of increased temperature on malaria transmission in Burundi
  • Saharan desert dust radiative effects: a study based on atmospheric modelling
  • The importance of wastewater treatment in shipbuilding industry
  • Review on municipal sewage sludge management in Turkey and Europe
  • Climate is changing, can we? A scientific exhibition in schools to understand climate change and raise awareness on sustainability good practices
  • CO2 utilisation by photocatalytic conversion to methane and methanol
  • Impact of surface ocean acidification on the CO2 absorption rate
  • Sustainability in the city scale to fight global warming
  • Modelling land cover change impact on the summer climate of the Marmara Region, Turkey
  • Frequency analysis of droughts using historical information – new approach for probability plotting position: deceedance probability

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